Social Sauna: Bathing & Wellbeing

Jane Withers Studio (Ed.)

Thermegroup, 2023


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Edited by Jane Withers Studio, Social Sauna – Bathing and Wellbeing presents a new perspective on global sauna culture, ritual and design. By defining the sauna’s essence and exploring how this practice is evolving for the 21st century, the authors reveal how sauna is a deeply social practice that can offer renewed benefits for health, wellbeing, and community. Social Sauna explores sauna culture from ancient global traditions of steam bathing through to modern experimental sauna practices. The publication reveals the important role that design plays in creating spaces that contribute to wellbeing. With examples such as the Bathing Culture sauna in Gothenburg by architects raumlabor, the Agora sauna created for the nomadic SALT festival and Steam of Life by JKMM Architects for Burning Man Festival. Creatives such as Bauhaus Sauna Society observe sauna traditions and stage sauna lectures and workshops, developing their own rituals with a deep respect for the vernacular spirit.

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ISBN: 9781399910903

126 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 23 x 16 cm, paperback, Engels