Situational Urbanism

Directing Postwar Urbanity and Adaptive Methodology for Urban Transformation

Otto Paans, Ralf Pasel

Jovis, Berlin, 2014


Transforming modernistic urban areas to fit contemporary needs is one of the predominant challenges that post-war European cities face today. Although these transformation processes are highly complex they generate a wide variety of chances to take advantage of existing micro-economies, cultural diversity and spatial structures. Situational Urbanism is an adaptive methodology that identifies new ways of dealing with modernistic urban areas. In order to synthesize the lived experience on the street with the need for long-term planning, this design approach addresses simultaneously spatial, socio-economic, and cultural issues. This results in a variety of innovative and versatile design strategies that deal with post-war urbanism. The volume combines applicable spatial theory, innovative analytical methods and a comprehensive toolkit of flexible design methods for transforming modernist urban areas, ranging over the full array of scales, from the individual house, via the block to the neighbourhood.

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ISBN: 9783868592580

240 pagina's, 23.1 x 21.3 cm, geïllustreerd, paperback, Engels