Simon Debbaut-L’ Ecluse: Alluvium (numbered edition of 300 copies)

Simon Debbaut-L' Ecluse: Alluvium

Self Published, 2022


Alluvium, A Collection from Sediment to Sediment is the second book edition of young Belgian photographer Simon Debbaut-L’Ecluse.
The title of this publication find its origin in the field of geology, where it describes sediments such as clay, gravel and sand that were washed away by running water and then reformed into some sort of sand banks. The Holocene endures already 11,700 years, yet this book reveals only a shutter soeed of one thertieth of a second of it, reminding us to always be aware of vanishing time. (excerpt from the epilogue)


ISBN: 9789464665499

Ca. 96 pagina's ongepagineerd, geïllustreerd, 32 x 24,8 cm, paperback genaaid, Engels