Sheung Yiu: Everything is a Projection

Sheung Yiu, Jaakko Lehtinen

The Eriskay Connection, 2023


During the pandemic, Sheung Yiu, Hong-Kong-born Helsinki-based photographer, researcher and writer, started digitising everything on his desk at home, the inevitable confined space to which he was bound during lockdown. He created 3D models of scores of items and added texture details using a technique known as projective texturing. His physical desktop transformed into a 3D digital world. The process produced a dataset of digital objects that reflected his everyday life – intimate, yet strangely generic. The book explores one of many visual systems that form the basis of virtual reality and gaming, exposing the inner mechanisms of computer graphics that are shaping our world. With an interview with Jaakko Lehtinen, head researcher at NVIDIA.

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ISBN: 9789492051943

304 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Engels