Santiago Calatrava: Bridges

Niggli Verlag, 2022


Santiago Calatrava is an important and influential architects of our times. The trademark projects of the Spanish-Swiss designer are sensational bridge designs embodying the symbiosis of elegant architectural expression and engineering mastery. Influenced by his passion and experience in sculpture, his creations decisively shape and characterize the involved cities and landscapes. This volume is a special homage to this iconic work, showing the importance Santiago Calatrava places on bridges as a cultural achievement of human civilization. In this book, the architect himself talks about the visions as well as artistic and architectural philosophies behind his unparalleled bridge designs. He also provides detailed descriptions of 75 selected projects, which, together with first drafts, watercolor paintings, and high-quality photographs and renderings, provide a unique and genuine insight into his creative process.



ISBN: 9783721209846

512 pagina's, 640 illustraties, 30 x 25 cm, hardcover, Engels