Ruud Linssen: Book of War, Mortification and Love (Printed in Blood)

Ruud Linssen`

Underware, 2010


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Edition of 2000 handnumbered copies + separate DVD. Our copies are new and in the original sealing.

Why do we choose to suffer voluntarily? Why do we choose family life, a monk’s cell or a blood-drenched battlefield?
These essays on voluntary suffering took Dutch poet and journalist Ruud Linssen more than two years to complete. Linssen herein links personal observations with historical and literary examples.
As this book is also a type specimen of the typeface Fakir, it is set in this blackletter and there is a test CD with the lettertype of the book.
And to stress the suffering: this book is printed in the author’s blood.

ISBN: 9789076984094

96 pages, no illustrations, 21 x 13,5 cm, hardcover, English