Rudolf Olgiati & Valerio Olgiati: Dado (Edition of 50 signed and numbered copies)

Built and inhabited by Rudolf Olgiati and Valerio Olgiati

Selina Walder (Ed.)

Collector's edition by Dino Simonett, 2010 (current edition by Birkhäuser)


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The Olgiati’s family estate is located in the historical town center of Flims. Rudolf Olgiati (1910-1995) purchased the property, known as Dado, in 1930 and throughout his life used it to realize his architectural thoughts and ideas. Today, the son Valerio is living in his father’s house. In 2008 he set up his much-admired architectural firm on the former site of the barn. This publication portrays the life and work of both architects using the example of the house and studio—that is, through the transformations they have undergone at the hands of their residents over a period of nearly eighty years. It shows personal furniture and objects, the individual layout and design of the spaces, and hence the penchants and attitudes of the two architects. At the same time this unusual portrait documents not only the relationship between father and son but also the characters of two generations and their understanding of architecture and aesthetics.

Our copies are signed and dated by Valerio Olgiati and numbered in an edition of 50 copies in English (in addition to 50 copies in German), and with a separate portrait photo of Rudolf Olgiati inserted.

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100 pages, fully illustrated, signed and numbered paperback in cardboard box, 35,5 x 25 cm, English