Roy Lichtenstein: Multiple Visions

Gianni Mercurio (Ed.)

MUDEC & 24 Ore Cultura, 2019


His sophisticated art, recognizable at first glance and apparently easy to understand, has fascinated generations of creatives since the early heroic years of pop art, from painting to advertising, photography to design and fashion and the seductive power it exerts on culture. contemporary visual is still very strong.

On display about 100 works including large-format prints, sculptures, tapestries, a wide selection of editions from prestigious European and American museums, institutions and private collections as well as videos and photographs.
The exhibition catalogue highlights through an overview on the themes and genres of Roy Lichtenstein’s art, how the elements of different cultures converge in his work of deconstruction and reconstruction of the image, and then elaborated in a pop key with the his very personal language: from the history of the birth of the United States to the epic of the Far West, from the vernacular and ethnographic artistic expressions of American Indians to the pop culture that exploded following the expansion of the world economy after World War II, from artistic culture European avant-garde to the contemplative spirit of oriental landscapes.

The fascination for the “printed form”, that is mechanical reproduction as a source of inspiration, which is the basis of Roy Lichtenstein’s work and which in his painting is implemented in a path that starts from a copy that is transformed into an original, is presented in its reverse process: from an original idea to a multiplied copy.


ISBN: 9788866484233

220 pagina's, kleurillustraties, 27 x 23 cm, paperback, Italiaans/Engels