Rijksmuseum: Masters of the Golden Age

A Marcel Wanders Publication

Marcel Wanders

Lannoo, 2017


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A visit to an historic museum offers visitors insight into the social, cultural, political and aesthetic values of times gone by. Yet truly great works of art live vividly, continuing to thrill and educate for centuries regardless of age. This idea of timelessness is the theme explored in Marcel Wanders’ new book publication ‘Masters of the Golden Age: Paintings from the Gallery of Honour’. Closed for many years for redevelopment, the 2013 reopening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and especially the Gallery of Honour is cause for both celebration, and an opportunity for a fresh interpretation of the works that sit within. The key to true connection is the ability to understand the contemporary relevance of historic images. Within ‘Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age: Paintings from the Gallery of Honour’, Marcel Wanders seeks to explore the timelessness of select artworks and to expose their contemporary significance. The book also features interviews with thirty experts across a variety of fields that discuss elements held within the profiled art works.

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ISBN: 9789491525292

576 pagina's, kleurenillustraties, 34 x 26 cm, luxury hardcover, Engels