Richard Nonas (MAMCO Geneva)

Dieter Schwarz (Ed)

MAMCO Geneva & Walther unf Franz König, 2023


A comprehensive survey of the prolific Post-Minimalist sculptor, including his own photographs of his work.

American Post-Minimalist sculptor Richard Nonas (1936–2021) was a pioneering figure in the downtown New York art scene of the 1960s and 70s. Influenced by his background in anthropological studies, he often incorporated natural and industrial materials such as wood, stone and steel into his work. After turning to sculpture in the mid-1960s, he exhibited alongside artists such as Richard Serra and Gordon Matta-Clark, and was included in the seminal 1971 exhibition Under the Brooklyn Bridge. His arrangements of found materials such as boulders, railroad ties and beams were constructed in public locations, both accessible and remote, around the globe. Their sparse settings, combined with the solid, monolithic quality of his materials, underscore Nonas’ interest in the emotional experience of an environment. This is the first comprehensive monograph on Nonas’ work and features a chronological survey bolstered by the artist’s own photographs of his sculptures.


ISBN: 9783753304045

312 pagina's, 140 z/w illustraties, 29 x 22 cm, hardcover, Engels