Ricardo Casas: El porqué de las naranjas

Mack Books, 2014


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In this publication Spanish photographer Ricardo Cases (b. 1971) does not document the surface symptoms of reality, but instead renders the non-visible, the mechanistic. In his immediate surroundings – the fertile region of Levante in Spain – the photographer reveals ephemeral moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. Out on the streets he sets out to make visible the laws that regulate the universe, hunting down the elementary participles in the same vein as a nuclear physicist attempting to identify the Higgs particle. Cases uses the landscape as a laboratory, a place where these mechanisms can manifest themselves freely. The work is not a portrait of Levante itself, but of the spirit of Levante, and thus of the spirit of Spain as a whole.

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ISBN: 9781910164044

128 pages, illustrated, 18,9 x 14,9 cm, hardcover, no text