Rethinking Wood

Future Dimensions of Timber Assembly

Markus Hudert, Sven Pfeiffer

birkhäuser, 2019


Advances in the materials and the digitalization of architecture bring about new methods in design and construction. Whereas traditional timber construction consists of pre-cut and pre-assembled timber sections, modern timber buildings today consist of elaborate wood-based materials. Owing to their flexibility and good properties in terms of building physics and ecology, these wood-based materials are ideal for computer-aided building component production.
Fifteen case examples from research, teaching, and practical applications provide inspiring insights into the potential of formable wood-based materials and digital design: Woven Wood, Wood Foam, Living Wood and Organic Joints, Timber Joints for Robotic Building Processes, Efficiencies of Wood, Designing with Tree Form.


ISBN: 9783035616897

296 pagina's, 200 illustraties, 27,8 x 18,7 cm, hardcover, Engels