Reset Materials: Towards Sustainable Architecture

Galaad van Daele, Kathrin Gimmel, Victor Boye Julebæk & Nicolai Bo Andersen, Marianne Krogh, Chrissie Muhr, Amalie Smith

Arkitektens Forlag & The Danish Architectural Press, 2023


Reset Materials investigates the potential of locally available regenerative, and recycled materials in the intersection of architecture and art. Nettle, Hemp, Flax and Eelgrass; Monoblock; Hempcrete; Mycelium; Plastics, Silicon, Tree, Biocement, Straw and Earth – behind these works are ten interdisciplinary teams made up of architects, artists and manufacturers, a new generation of Denmark’s creatives joining forces to present their compelling visions of a post-carbon architecture. Continuing the exhibition Reset Materials curated by Chrissie Muhr at Copenhagen Contemporary, Reset Materials both documents and reflects on the multidisciplinary dialogues of the ten teams and materials, entangling shared learning and practice, science and aesthetics. A manual providing a series of tactile collages, empirical voices and interview transcripts, reports and reflection by expanding the discourse locally and globally through essays by Amalie Smith, Galaad van Daele, and Victor Boye Julebæk with Nicolai Bo Andersen amongst others.

The project is initiated and funded by Dreyers Fond.


ISBN: 9788774070030

176 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Engels/Deens