Renee Gladman: One Long Black Sentence (Edition of 400 copies)

Renee Gladman, Fred Moten (text)

Image Text Ithaca Press, 2020


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Since 2013, poet, novelist, essayist and artist Renee Gladman (b. 1971)―author has been doing a kind of asemic writing that is also at once drawing and architecture (some of this work was published as Prose Architectures in 2017). Printed in white ink on black, with a beautiful embroidered cover, One Long Black Sentence brings together these drawings with a text by New York–based theorist and poet Fred Moten (born 1962) to form a sumptuous artist’s book in which drawing becomes an architecture for thought, for what writing looks like from the inside out.

Fred Moten’s “Anindex” pushes the index beyond its utilitarian conventions. At times riffing on the architectonics of Gladman’s illustrations, Moten’s associative poetic prose points toward the structuring imposition or emergence of sentences as the marks and forms of thought.

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ISBN: 9781733497107