Tancred Borenius

Phaidon, London, 2015


A lavish publication of one of the finest painters of the Northern Baroque period, whose intimate self-portraits and vast historical canvases open up the world of the Netherlands in the seventeenth century.
This edition reproduces and updates the selection of works made by Phaidon co-founder Ludwig Goldscheider for the original 1942 edition, including such masterpieces as The Nightwatch and Bathsheba at Her Bath.
A new introduction by Metropolitan Museum of Art curator Walter Liedtke puts Rembrandt’s works into their modern context and supplements the classic essay by art historian Tancred Borenius. Tipped-on image plates, tinted pages and a beautifully elegant design make this a true collector’s edition.

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ISBN: 9780714869193

180 pagina's, 125 illustraties, 35,4 × 26 cm, hardcover, Engels