Relation of Elements: Using Prepositions to Shape Design

Ryan Crooks

Bis Publishers, 2023


“Relation of Elements” explores the role of prepositions in architecture and design, a part of speech often overlooked when describing and designing architecture. The book demonstrates how language can shape our understanding of objects and spaces and allows you to discover new ways to shape and define space.

The book aims to inspire architects and designers to think creatively by manipulating prepositions and exploring the connections between different composition and structure elements. By making subtle changes to the prepositions used in describing design problems, one can introduce novelty and improvements in the outcome of a project.

– A thoughtful approach to reimagining the relationship between elements in a design
– Explore three-dimensional design through the use of the preposition

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ISBN: 9789063696863

260 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 20 x 14 cm, paperback, Engels