Raf Simons: Redux

Raf Simons, Francesco Bonami, Peter De Potter, Ashley Heath, Willy Vanderperre, Collier Schorr (photography)

Fondazione Pitti Discovery & Charta, 2005


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Published on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the RAF SIMONS brand.
Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons’ clothes are both inspired by and designed for confident male outsiders. His references to youth movements (like punk, goth, and mod) are not meant to be retro; instead Simons tries to translate their energy and determination into modern statements about mental independence. Yet, although they are impeccably cut and created with love and care, clothes are not at the core of Simons’ universe. More important to this cult stylist are attitudes, moods and statements. Music, art, performance, images and words have each been a starting point for his designs, and, in an attempt to examine today’s male psyche Simons takes his inspiration from the rebellion of past and present youth cultures,blending these notions with tradition and roots. This book, published on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Simons’s work-presents both a wide range of the intellectual and creative aspects of the designer’s work that have sealed his position at the top of fashion’s roster.

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ISBN: 9788881585434

224 pages, illustrated, 33 x 25,5 cm, hardcover, English