Point-Counterpoint: Trajectories of Ten Korean Architects

I. Jung, Caroline Maniaque Benton

The Architectural Publisher B, 2014


The projects by ten Korean architects highlighted in this exhibition catalogue satisfied briefs that mostly called for modest and “human” buildings, in opposition to the large housing sectors currently being built in Seoul and many other Asian cities. Particular attentiveness to the surroundings is seen in a number of the projects, especially when inserted into a mixed urban context of old and new. The high quality of traditional workmanship is readily apparent, along with close attention to detail and specific cultural qualities. In addition to an essay by Inha Jung on correlative architecture and new urban realities, the book includes detailed project data, images and drawings.

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ISBN: 9788792700087

240 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 19 × 27 cm, paperback, Frans/Engels