PLP Architecture: Another Kind: A Survey of the Possible City

David Leventhal, Lee Polisano, PLP Architecture

Actar Publishers, 2021

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The last decade has seen an accelerated evolution of typologies. Today’s cities are marked by a growing digital presence and the emergence of a global sharing economy; shared spaces have increased our social and sustainable focus, drastically altered our understanding of ownership and responsibility, and redefined our experience of public and private domains. Such changes have in turn rewritten the demands on architecture, the role of the designer, and the power of the profession.
In Another Kind, PLP Architecture presents ten projects as case studies to examine the emergence of a new typological fluidity. These projects serve as anchors to survey the cultural landscape of the past ten years. Projects can no longer be traditionally codified and instead present themselves as assemblages of exterior influences, new cultural interests, and 21st century social habits. In Another Kind, projects are intertwined with essays by cultural observers both within and outside of the discipline. Through this multi-layered infrastructure and pluralistic dissection, Another Kind cracks the surface and explores the contents of architecture today. Marking this moment in time, PLP examines how we have evolved and speculates on what we can learn for the years that lie ahead.

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ISBN: 9781948765640

348 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 x 16,5 cm, paperback, Engels