Phunk: Transmission 02 Utopia (number stamped copy)

Phunk Studio, Singapore, 2001


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Box with book, poster, CD-ROM, stickers, black T-shirt with print in the original wrapping. Our copy is in very good condition (the box has a very small dent at the top right of the back).

Transmisssion is a cross-media broadcast of collaborative explorations in visual communication. It documents both creative concept and personal expressions from an international showcase of creative minds in graphic design, phptography, illustration, motion graphic, architecture and the written word.

Featuring: A2 Graphics, Acrobatswife, ALRT, Amoebalabs, Andre Weismayr, Anti-Aliased, Armada Design, Bec Kilburn, Blow, Chris Yormick, Corp. Unit, DankRealms, Darren Buckingham, Dainippon Type organisation, Dave Kinsey, Deanne Cheuk, Deepfry, Design Asylum, Duncan Jargo, eBoy, Extra Design, Evan Hecox, FAT, Felicity Loughrey, Fiona Hewitt, FleeCircus, FutureFarmers, Guerilla Collective, H55, House Industries, Hungry Ghost, Jahan Loh, James Broad, Kenji Cho, Kostas, Mentalworks, Mode 2, Pandarosa, Patrick Duffy, Peter Lau, Pixelsurgeons, Power Graphixx, Praline, Putri Trisolo, Rinzen, Shag, Simon Svärd, Sion Ap Thomas, Supertsar, Squeeze, Tim Biskup, Wai Teck, Victor Cheung, Vik Lim.

ISBN: 9789810448981

cardboard box 22 x 20 x 11 cm, book 208 pages, color illustrations, 25 x 17,7 cm, paperback, English, poster and plastic bag with stickers