Peter Eisenman: Moving Arrows Eros and Other Errors. An Architecture of Absence

AA Box 3

Architectural Association Publication, 1986


30 colorful, loose silkscreened acetate leaves in acrylic box, showing maps and fragmented plans, several containing text on the traditional modes of architecture and its relation to the scale of the human body.

Eisenman’s submission to the 1985 Venice Biennale, Romeo and Juliet, is another of the so-called archaeological projects. Following the 1985 display of drawings and models, Eisenman reworked the project as a boxed series of acetate plates published by the Architectural Association (AA) with an accompanying text in which he claims a wide ambition for the project. “Here architecture does not close or unify, but rather opens and disperses, fragments and destabilises, not only as a condition of its own being but as an exploration of its resonance with the always changing conception of nature and human endeavour.”This continues the alchemical themes of transmutability announced in Cannaregio.

Our copy is in very good condition, the acetate leaves still in the original plastic sealing and was never opened (hence no original photos of the content). The box is in perfect condition.

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box 31,6 x 31,7 cm