Peter Buggenhout: No Shade in Paradise

Eva Kraus,‎ Simone Menegoi,‎ Romeo & Claudia Catelucci,‎ Selen Ansen

Neues Museum Nürnberg & Walther König, 2017


The artist’s works are enigmatic objects with an indefinite character. They are assemblages created out of amorphous materials that are voluminous and space accumulating in nature. Buggenhout’s sculptures are a result of a long creative process and factor in the concept of time. These works defy symbolic representation and a narrative thread. His oeuvre is removed from this world akin to those mythical beings that are frozen in their own rotting process.

ISBN: 9783960982302

304 pagina's, 146 kleur & 335 z/w illustraties, 29,5 × 22,5 cm, hardcover, Engels/Duits