Peter Buggenhout: Nicht Geheuer Eerie (Kunstmuseum Reutlingen)

Holger Kube Ventura, Ory Dessau, Christian Janecke

Kunstmuseum Reutlingen & DVC, 2021


The renowned sculptor Peter Buggenhout (b. 1963, Dendermonde, Belgium; lives and works in Ghent) describes his hybrid pieces as ‘abject things’ that defy classification and even the label ‘work of art.’ He aggregates and manipulates found and discarded objects as well as both technical and organic materials including pig blood, cow stomachs, and horsehair until he achieves a certain degree of abstraction. Buggenhout’s sculptures confront the beholder as creatures that are somehow ‘off,’ exuding an eerie atmosphere by allowing something sinister to rise to the surface that, it appears, lurks just behind the façades of the physical world: vestiges of humanity, society’s sedimented refuse. The book presents a comprehensive survey of his growing oeuvre; it is the first publication to cover his most recent creations in marble.


ISBN: 9783947563937

160 pagina's, 59 illustraties in kleur, 28 x 21 cm, paperback, Duits/Engels