Patrick Van Caeckenbergh: Les Nébuleuses. Mon tout: Les étourdissements

Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, prologue Natacha Pugnet

Musée Cassendi, Digne-les-Bains & Fage editions, 2016


Conceived as a ‘Gesammtkunstwerk’, this fabulous book edition gives a survey of the works by Belgian artist Patrick Van Caeckebergh, known as a conceptual ‘bricoleur’.
Patrick Van Caeckenbergh has secluded himself from the outside world and as a hermit critically studies the world and his own life. He creates illusive collages and bizarre sculptures of figures and phenomena within an imaginary and fabulous realm. He starts with ordinary, everyday things and creates some sort of magical assemblages by restructuring and reorganizing them. More than being an artist or a philosopher, Van Caeckenbergh is a tinkerer: he manipulates, mends and experiments with his material. Instead of being created in a mechanical and technical fashion, his work comes into being within a dynamic, natural process, characterized by coincidence and obscurity.

ISBN: 9782849753910

ringmap, 31,8 x 47,3 cm, uitvouwbare bladen met foto's, apart katern met tekst en interview