Paolo Mendes da Rocha: Designed Future or Selected Writings

Daniela Sá, Guilherme Wisnik & João Carmo Simões

Monade, 2019


Designed Future is a journey through the modern era: our life in cities, the Americas, new territories and the old continent, of vision and design as essential tools for building the future.
As the most complete collection of essays, interviews and lectures, this book is an in-depth view of the journey and particular thinking of one of the most relevant living architects, the Brazilian modern master, 
Paulo Mendes da Rocha (b. 1928).
For the first time translated in English, it disclosures a must-read intense and provocative thinker in contemporary times.


ISBN: 9789899948563

248 pagina's, 22 x 15,5 cm, z/w illustraties, hardcover, Engels