Panamarenko: For Clever Scholars (Signed, First Edition 2001)

Panamarenko, Jon Thompson

Ludion, 21


Sold out

For more than 30 years, the Belgian visionary Panamarenko; engineer, poet, artist, physicist, inventor–has been conducting meticulous studies of the natural world and various scientific principles. He analyzes the secrets of the universe, gravity, and other energetic mysteries, and formulates both logical and well-considered solutions. His work is poetic, the result of a seamless coalescence of artistic skill and scientific research; the outcome of which can take the form of a flying saucer, backpack helicopter, flying carpet, zeppelin, solar powered car, submarine, or prehistoric mechanical bird. Each of his spectacular constructions possesses not only a peculiar beauty and naive playfulness, but also a degree of conspicuous consideration. In 2001, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent held a retrospective of Panamarenkos work, for which the artist designed and wrote this oversized catalogue–a work of art in its own right.



112 unnumbered pages, illustrated, 43 x 30 cm, hardcover, English