Open Heritage: Community-Driven Adaptive Reuse in Europe – Best Practice

Heike Oevermann , Levente Polyák , Hanna Szemzö and Harald A. Mieg (Eds)

Birkhäuser, 2023


“Open Heritage” is a response to the urgent need for a more open definition of cultural heritage, of the parties involved in protecting and maintaining it, and of the relevant planning processes in order to ensure the sustainable reuse of cultural heritage in times of climate change, social inequality and social plurality.

This book introduces in a clear and systematic manner the results of the EU-funded OpenHeritage project, which examined best practices in different European countries. It focuses on the idea of inclusive heritage management based on community-driven processes.

It is designed to act as a guide for anyone involved in planning, researching, and deciding on the further development and use of cultural heritage.

– Systematic presentation of the results of the EU-funded project OpenHeritage
– A collection of different approaches to assessing the social impact of bottom-up cultural heritage reuse projects
– Presentation of numerous methods derived from OpenHeritage case studies and other European initiatives


ISBN: 9783035626803

216 pagina's, 74 kleurillustraties, 24 x 16,5 cm, paperback, Engels