Peter Brunt, Nicholas Thomas

Royal Academy of Arts, 2018


Encompassing thousands of islands from the remote shores of Rapa Nui to the dense rainforest of Papua New Guinea, Oceania is one of the world’s most extraordinary and diverse regions.
This book, accompanying the spectacular exhibition at the Royal Academy opening this September, showcases Oceanic art and the subsequent migrations of people, cultures and objects from the Pacific around the world, from the unrivalled navigational feats of the first settlers who traversed the open ocean in wooden canoes to the explorations of Captain Cook 250 years ago.
Bringing together the most up-to-date scholarship by experts in the field, this book presents Oceania through the eyes of its own people – artists, poets and photographers – who explore the legacy of the past and the future of a world and way of life threatened by a changing climate.

ISBN: 9781910350492

352 pagina's, 300 illustraties, 30 × 24.5 cm, hardcover, Engels