Narcisse Tordoir: Labor and Production 1987-1998

Guy Châtel, Adriaan Verwée

Vandenhove & A&S/books, 2021


The publication Narcisse Tordoir – Labor and Production – 1987/1998 accompanies the exhibition of the same title in the Vandenhove art centre in Ghent of a selection of the models of art works by Belgian visual artist Narcisse Tordoir (°Mechelen 1954), donated to the M HKA in Antwerp in 2019. The models are thematically grouped into six sections: Dance of Death, Studio, Mirror, Shards, Icon, Polyptych.
The book contains two essays: In The Contours of a Character, Guy Châtel analyses the anti-authoritarian authorship of the artist. Stefaan Vervoort interprets Tordoir’s early work in Build Images and situates the models in the contemporary artistic context.


ISBN: 9789076714646

128 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 23 x 16,4 cm, paperback, Nederlands