Moscow: A Guide to Soviet Modernist Architecture 1955-1991

Anna Bronovitskaya, Nikolay Malinin, Yuri Palmin

Garage, 2019


Architectural historians Anna Bronovitskaya and Nikolai Malinin have compiled the first ever guidebook to almost 100 Soviet Modernist buildings, ranging from the naive modernism of the Khrushchev period to the postmodernism of the 1980s. The book includes iconic Moscow buildings such as the Pioneer Palace, the Ostankino TV Tower, and the Rossiya Cinema, as well as less-known buildings such as the museum of the Moskvich Automobile Plant.

The book is published with the support of Aksenov Family Foundation.


ISBN: 9788090671461

328 pagina's, 24 x 16,2 cm, paperback, Engels