Mono Material: Monolithic, Homogeneous and Circular Construction

Till Boettger, Ulrike Knauer, José Mario Marquez

Birkhäuser, 2023


Solid matter. Monolithic and homogeneous concepts for a circular approach to architecture.
In response to climate change, architects have been seeking a contemporary expression for durable, solid and homogeneous wall structures made of clay, wood, brick, concrete and recycled materials. This book follows 25 projects to analyze construction methods that predominantly involve materials that have a single origin and can be easily dismantled. It looks at a variety of different ways and scales in which architects have dealt with issues of mass and materiality, both in terms of design and construction. Structured according to the specific materials, the book allows direct comparisons, and renders visible solid building typologies and forms. Numerous drawings, developed especially for this book, document the projects. Two essays as well as interviews with Pepe Marquez and Arno Richter examine the strategies and background of monolithic architecture and solid construction methods.


ISBN: 9783035626063

224 pagina's, 60 illustraties, 28 x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels