Modersohn & Freiesleben: Wirklichkeit/Reality

Johannes Modersohn, Antje Freiesleben (Ed)

Park Books, 2020


When Antje Freiesleben and Johannes Modersohn opened their own Berlin-based firm Modersohn & Freiesleben Architekten in 1994, the city, which had been divided until 1989, needed to be repaired and re-united. The Potsdamer Platz train station and the office block in the Beisheim Centre in Ebertstrasse, close to this central and now revitalized location, are two significant projects that were designed by the firm in the prevalent spirit of urban renewal of those years.

After the millennium, the architects further honed their approach: whether in the city or the countryside, Modersohn & Freiesleben consistently develop the character of their projects in terms of the site, the materials, the construction, and the lives of their clients. Their deliberate engagement with the given environment while simultaneously aiming at an inventive individuality has created an architecture that ensures their houses are functional objects that combine sustainability with aesthetics.

This new monograph features twelve built houses alongside other projects from the last two decades. They are located in Berlin, Brandenburg, Sweden, and Canada.


ISBN: 9783038602156

216 pagina's, 65 kleur 1 6 z/w illustraties en plannen, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Engels/Duits