Miroslav Šik

Heinz Wirz (Ed.)

Quart Verlag GmbH, Luzern, 2012


Miroslav Šik coined the term Analogue Architecture in the late 1980s. It stands for an architectural approach that is oriented towards the existing environment, its atmosphere and the construction tradition in a subtly radical way. It has made Miroslav Šik an unmistakable protagonist in Switzerland and Europe in the last 20 years. He has pursued this dedicated, anti-modernist orientation both as a teacher at the ETH Zürich and in his architectural work, which shows clear continuity since 1988. This monograph compiles his existing buildings and works. Each project pursues his pugnacious architectural stance, which is anything but “modern” or modernist. Even in the simplest construction tasks, Miroslav Šik uncovers and makes tangible the work’s intrinsic dignity and noble potential.

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ISBN: 9783037610572

148 pagina's, 22 × 27 cm, 81 illustraties, 30 plannen, Hardcover, Duits/Engels