Mauro d’Agati: Palermo Unsung (book + DVD)

Mauro D' Agati

Steidl Verlag, 2009


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The book tells the story of singers, cantanti neomelodici, performing at the music festivals in the south of Italy and their franzied public. In the piazzas of Palermo in southern Italy, between July and October, the local populace gathers to hear and participate in an ongoing music festival. People bring chairs from their houses, or sit on scooters facing the stage, to listen to the latest hit songs. Mauro d’Agati’s loving photo-portrait of this wonderful social phenomenon celebrates music, community and pure joy.It is a story of the common man, ragamuffin, culturally corrupt but human and paradoxically authentic. A 20 minute DVD, assembling pictures by Mauro DAgati and soundtrack by Domenico Sciajno, gives a sense of the vibrant acoustics and emotions of these popular festivals.
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ISBN: 9783865219183

104 unnumbered pages, images in color & b/w, 31,5 x 22,8 cm, silkscreened linen hardcover, English