Matthieu Ronsse: A Procession of Lobsters

Matthieu Ronsse, Maarten Inghels

Ludion, 2020


Matthieu Ronsse (1981) is a Belgian artist. His paintings often appear unfinished and incorporate references to old masters, fragments from his private life and clippings from photography and architecture books. He often rips the works up or cuts them into pieces; in some cases, he even weathers them in the wind and rain. Ronsse engages in a confrontation with painting and questions all its qualities – materials, techniques, subjects and history. A Procession of Lobsters offers an overview of the work that Matthieu Ronsse has made in situ: at a filling station in Oudenaarde, at a collector’s house, at a catering company, in watchtowers and cubes. Or at his own home and ‘nomadic studio’ in Poesthem. The writer and poet Maarten Inghels visited all these locations and spoke at length with their residents, including Ronsse himself. According to Matthieu Ronsse, his work remains the same – it is the visitors who change. ‘It’s always a tango with circumstances’.


ISBN: 9789493039254

240 pagina's, rijk geïllustreerd, 30 × 23 cm, hardcover, Nederlands/Engels