Material Matters 04: Paper

Creative Interpretations of Common Materials

Viction:ary, 2019


Materials have the power to affect human experiences and emotions by helping us build intimate connections with inanimate objects through touch and feel. Whether they are used as a point of reference or the medium of creation itself, they are integral to artists and designers who seek to explore fresh outcomes, experiment with new techniques, and elicit distinct responses from their audiences.
Material Matters 04: Paper showcases stunning creative interpretations of the common material across a variety of mediums. From simple cuttings that create complex new shapes to burnt sheets that make radical art, this edition explores the compelling ways with which the unique characteristics of paper can be cleverly drawn upon or manipulated to shape the outcome of a particular project.


ISBN: 9789887903369

172 pagina's, full color, 16 x 22 cm, paperback, Engels