Master’s Memoirs: Gehry, Eisenman, Siza, Foster, Moneo, Piano, Herzog, Souto de Moura, Mansilla Tuñon, Ingels (AV 235)

Avisa, 2021


The voice of memory rings loud and clear on the pages of the new issue of ‘AV Monographs’, a compilation of conversations that Luis Fernández-Galiano has had over the years with ten masters recounting their respective lives and professional trajectories. Arranged by age of the speakers – from Frank Gehry, the most veteran of all, to Bjarke Ingels – and transcribed in the form of monologues, the interviews trace the biographical journey of each architect, from family origins, upbringing, and educational training to latest projects at the time of the dialogue, and are illustrated with the most characteristic works and projects of their career.


ISBN: 9788409309702

120 pagina's, illustraties in kleur &z/w, 30 x 24 cm, paperback, Spaans/Engels