Maroesjka Lavigne: Someone, Somewhere, Sometime

Maroesjka Lavigne, text by David Campany

Robert Mann Gallery & Radius Books, 2019


This debut monograph from Belgian photographer Maroesjka Lavigne (°1989) includes four of the artist’s series: Island, Not Seeing is a Flower, Land of Nothingness, and Lost Lands. Each of these series spans several years in the making, in which the artist traveled extensively around the world—including time spent in Argentina, Iceland, Japan, and Namibia, among others—observing landscapes and their inhabitants. Lavigne’s subjects range from stark landscapes to spare, haunting portraits and unforgettable animal images; she produces stunningly beautiful images that are tenderly attuned to their settings and subjects. As the photographer puts it: “When you take a picture in a beautiful place, you have to realize that nature isn’t the background for your photograph. Rather, you are its prop.”


ISBN: 9781942185505

172 pagina's, 30,5 x 23,5 cm, paperback, Engels