Mark Dion

Mark Dion, Lisa G. Corrin, Miwon Kwon

Phaidon Press, London, 1997


Mark Dion (b.1961) is an American artist who, in making his art, metamorphoses into explorer, biochemist, detective and archaeologist. In his gallery installations around Europe and America since the 1980s, Dion has constructed the laboratories, experiments and museum caches of the great historical naturalists – following in their footsteps in his own adventurous, eco-inspired journeys to the tropics. His research and magical collections are presented in installational still lifes that combine taxidermic animals with lab equipment artefacts, like walk-through Wunderkammers and life-sized cabinets of curiosity.

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ISBN: 9780714836591

160 pages, 120 color & 30 b/w illustrations, 25 × 29 cm, paperback, English