Mario Testino: Any Objections?

Mario Testino, Patrick Kinmonth, Edouard Lehmann

Phaidon, 1998


Any Objections? is Testino’s first book. Provocative and unexpected, it is a lightning roller-coaster of unpublished images which brilliantly illuminates the vision of one of photography’s shrewdest eyes. Fashion and the gutter, nature and artifice, high life and low, jostle for his attention. Faces of the very famous in the least expected places, bodies of the very beautiful, landscapes and cities, close friends and extraordinary passersby all find their place in a pattern which is held together by Testino’s evident sense of the absurd. The book is an insight into the raw material of fashion, where a glimpse of life from a street in Tangier can be the inspiration for a fashion story in New York. At once diary and commentary, picture after picture (all reproduced full-page) provoke reactions as diverse as their from shock to amusement and from surprise to delight. Whether or not you have any objections, you can’t help being intrigued by Testino’s very personal view of the world that surrounds him.
Our copy is in very good condition, a very small crack in the upperleft corner of the cover, hence the price.

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ISBN: 9780714838168

196 pages, illustrated, 27,7 x 19,5 cm, hardcover, English