Marina Rheingantz

Douglas Fogle, Jean-Charles Vergne

FRAC, 2021


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The FRAC Auvergne welcomes for the first time in France the Brazilian painter Marina Rheingantz. Her paintings and embroideries are nourished by the recollection of Brazilian landscapes, memories of the compactness of the earth, of light and its variations, of the atmospheric nebulousness of twilight, of the pointillist scattering of birds in the sky, of the emergence of clusters of flowers and shrubs, of mounds emerging from the surface of flooded plains… Painting landscapes today cannot be envisaged without the awareness of the incongruity and inactivity of such a subject. Painting landscapes cannot be separated from the conviction that such a subject – historically exhausted – can still be tackled, especially if one keeps in mind a banality that is always good to remember, namely that a painting is first of all the story of a look at something: the painting tells the way in which the painter’s gaze has landed on his subject before depositing it on its support.


ISBN: 9782907672320

215 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 31 x 25 cm, hardcover, Engels/Frans