Marina Abramovic: The Spirit in Any Condition Does Not Burn (Royal Academy of Arts)

Karen Archey, Adrian Heathfield, Svetlana Racanović, Andrea Tarsia, Devin Zuber

Royal Academy of Arts, 2023


Accompanying catalogue for the Marina Abramović exhibition at the Royal Academy from 23 September – 4 January 2024.

Over the past half century, Marina Abramović has earned worldwide acclaim as a pioneer of performance art. This handsome new book records the first UK exhibition to include works from her entire career. Re-performances of some of her best-known and most radical pieces appear alongside new and recent work. An augmented-reality app for iOS and Android enables readers to watch films of Abramović’s original performances while reading the book.

An essential purchase for all followers of Abramović’s extraordinary 55-year career, this important publication brings expert voices into the debate that her groundbreaking art engenders. How far should an artist push herself in pursuit of her work? What role does the audience play in creating a performance? How can performance art outlive the moment in which it takes place?


ISBN: 9781912520411

264 pagina's, 200 kleur illustraties, 29 x 22 cm, hardcover, Engels