Man Ray: Genius of Light 1890-1976

Robert Rocca, Pierre-Yves Butzbach

Palais Lumière & Silvana Editoriale, 2023


Man Ray (1890-1976) occupies a prominent place in 20th century art history. A versatile artist, he was a pioneer of modern art. His polymorphic work crosses all fields visuals: photography, assemblage, sculpture, painting, drawing, film… Man Ray arrived from New York in Paris in July 1921.
Born in Philadelphia in 1890, of Jewish parents of Russian origin, Emmanuel Radintsky took a two-syllable pseudonym: “Man”, man (short for Manny, his childhood nickname) and “Ray”, the ray of light. Painter, draftsman, assembler of objects, in New York he frequents intellectual and artistic circles, discovers the European avant-gardes with his first wife who makes him discover French literature… He became friends with Marcel Duchamp, with whom he collaborates for artistic creations.
This friendship will last all their lives. In connection with the movement European Dada, they publish the only issue of “New York Dada”, which attracted very little attention. Disappointed and disillusioned, Man Ray concludes that “Dada cannot live in New York”. He only has one objective: to join Duchamp who has just returned to Paris…


ISBN: 9788836655656

224 pagina's, 180 illustraties, 30 x 24,5 cm, paperback, Engels