Ludger Hovestadt: On Digital Architecture (2 volumes)

Volume I : Books I-III & Volume II: Books IV-VI

Ludger Hovestadt, Vera Bühlmann (Eds)

ETH Zurich & Birkhäuser, 2022


Hovestadt’s treatise strictly follows the model of the famous treatises by Vitruvius (De architectura) and Alberti (De re aedificatoria), based on the supposition that we find ourselves in a comparable situation today. Vitruvius and Alberti expressed the meaning of architecture in their eras: Roman antiquity and the Renaissance. Hovestadt has done the same for the present day, incorporating considerations of physics, mathematics, technology, literature, and philosophy.

Books I to III deal with the role of the architect and the objectivity of architecture.

Books IV to VI address the modalities of speaking about and encoding architecture: the secret, the public, and the private.

Books VII to X are dedicated to actual digital mechanisms: artificial intelligence, natural communication, gnomonics, and cultural heritage.


ISBN: 9783035625981 & 9783035625998

Vol. I 224 pagina's, Vol. II 224 pagina's, geïllustreerd, hardcover, Engels