Lucian Freud (2 volumes)

Martin Gayford, David Dawson and Mark Holborn

Phaidon, 2018


Created in collaboration with the Lucian Freud Archive and David Dawson, Director of the Archive, and edited by Mark Holborn, this sumptuous, two-volume, slipcased publication celebrates Freud’s work from the 1930s to his death in 2011, and includes hundreds of paintings, drawings and sketches, and etchings – even illustrated private letters.
Their collaboration has resulted in a book that goes beyond the work to reveal insights into the man himself. Gayford describes Freud’s determination always to tell the truth about what he was recording in paint. He believed in a found beauty, not one that was imagined by an artist and then imposed on his subject. He painted what he saw, in exquisite detail, and he found it beautiful.

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ISBN: 9780714875262

616 pagina's, 486 illustraties, 35,3 × 27,3 cm, 2-volume set, hardcover, Engels