Luc Tuymans (Signed)

Helen Molesworth Helen, Joseph Koerner Joseph, Leo Rugoff, Ralph Horrigan, Bill Grynsztejn

Ludion, 2011


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Extensive exhibition catalogue for his show in Bozar Brussels on 2011, signed by the artist.

The Belgian artist Luc Tuymans (b. 1958) is one of the most important active painters of our time. His unique painting style and approach to historical themes have influenced a whole generation of younger artists. Tuymans deals with the aftermath of the most traumatic events of the past century and uses a muted palette to develop images from films, TV programs and printed sources into canvases that are at once sumptuous and subtle, enigmatic and disarmingly austere. Like distant memories, his paintings balance between logical coherence and incomprehensibility and challenge our certainties, not only about what we see but also about how we should look at it. Tuymans is especially famous for his early work on the Holocaust; he subsequently worked on topics such as the postcolonial history of Congo, the American response to the September 11 attacks, and the role of institutionalized religion in an increasingly secularized society. He has always continued to strive to depict the unimaginable in order to remind us of our role as spectators – and often reluctant accomplices – of history.

Our copy is in good condition.

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ISBN: 9789055447718

228 pages, color illustrations, 29,2 x 27,4 cm, paperback, Dutch