Lovis Corinth: Das Leben, ein Fest! – Life, a celebration!

Stella Rollig, Andrea Jahn, Kathrin Elvers-Svamberk, Alexander Klee (Ed.)

Walther Koenig & Belvedere, 2021


The book examines the stylistic transformations through the lens of Lovis Corinth’s life and work.
The eroticism he addressed at the beginning of his marriage in nude portraits of his young wife, which gradually morphed into the theme of mother and child; the children growing up and the family as a leitmotif in his work; but also his own aging, which he repeatedly incorporated in his symbolic vanitas paintings; and finally, the climax of his oeuvre, the landscape paintings from the Walchensee.

Accompanies the joint exhibition presented by the Belvedere and the Saarlandmuseum – Moderne Galerie: ‘Lovis Corinth: Life, a Celebration!’, 18/06/21 – 3/10/21, Belvedere, continuing to the Saarlandmuseum in November 2021.


ISBN: 9783960989677

224 pagina's, 93 kleur illustraties, 31 x 23 cm, hardcover, Engels/Duits