Louise Bourgeois X Jenny Holzer: The Violence of Handwriting Across a Page

Jenny Holzer (Ed.) Anita Haldemann, Josef Helfenstein

Kunstmuseum Basel & JRP/Editions, 2022


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The obsessions and abiding themes of Louise Bourgeois, as seen through the eyes of Jenny Holzer.

For both Jenny Holzer (born 1950) and Louise Bourgeois (1911–2010), the question of female identity is a central point of departure for their artistic production. Holzer knew Bourgeois personally and shares her sensitivity to language and the radicality of her creative position. Mainly focusing on Bourgeois’ writing and drawing practices, this gorgeous, large-format volume brings together the two legendary artists to propose a journey through Bourgeois’ obsessions and some of the major themes at stake in her work, among them motherhood, trauma, fear and loneliness.
Conceived and designed by Holzer to accompany the 2022 Louise Bourgeois exhibition that she curated at the Kunstmuseum Basel, the book puts Bourgeois’ works into dialogue with works from the Kunstmuseum Basel’s historical collections.
A fascinating montage of images and writings, this volume offers an unprecedented insight into Bourgeois’ art and life.

Our copy is in very good condition.

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ISBN: 9783037645840

296 pages, 304 color illustrations, 35,6 x 32,2 cm, paperback, separate insert with English text