Louise Bourgeois. The Return of the Repressed

Donald Kuspit, Meg Harris Williams, Juliet Mitchell, Philip Larratt-Smith, Mignon Nixon, Elisabeth Bronfen, Paul Verhaeghe, Julie de Ganck

Freud Museum & Violette Editions, London, 2012


Louise Bourgeois: The Return of the Repressed shows the enduring presence of psychoanalysis as a motivational force and a site of exploration in her life and work. Selected and edited by Philip Larratt-Smith, her literary archivist, these texts provide a comprehensive overview and re-reading covering 60 years of artistic production. The second volume in this gorgeous set also serves as an impressive and up-to-date monograph, detailing works up until the artist’s death in 2010.

An astonishing selection of approximately 80 unpublished writings by Louise Bourgeois appears here in print for the first time, which, combined with eight extensive scholarly essays turns our critical understanding of Bourgeois’ work on its head. A new and unprecedented insight into the work of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists.

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ISBN: 9781900828376

2 volumes in box, 500 pagina's, 27 x 19,2 cm, Engels