Light in Architecture

Chris van Uffelen

Braun Publishing, Salenstein, 2011


Light is a prerequisite for architecture, since it is the element that renders walls and spaces visible. With the right light, well-designed buildings and interiors are considerably enhanced. In recent years, supported by groundbreaking technological innovations, the use of light in architecture and interior design has become more creative, lively and colorful than ever. Not only have these developments allowed for more artistry in the field, but lighting design has also become part of energy-saving concepts.

Light in Architecture presents 123 projects by architects and designers all around the world, where the use of natural and artificial light is the defining element: the C42 Showroom in Paris, the Air Traffic Control Tower in Vienna, the Supperclub in Singapore, the Greenpix Zero Energy Wall in Beijing, the Ave Maria Chapel in Naples, FL, the Koukjian Jewelry in Beirut and the Deloitte Headquarters in Copenhagen – this volume allows every imaginable use of light in every sector to shine.

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ISBN: 9783037680926

440 pagina's, 895 illustraties, plannen en tekeningen, 22.5 × 29.5 cm, hardcover, Engels